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31 May, 2020

Altra Lone Peak 4.5

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Super comfortable, light-weight, breathable and fast-drying. What’s there not to like? I’ve always loved my Altra Lone Peak 4.0 trail running shoes, but I ended up trying out the new and updated Altra Lone Peak 4.5 model and there’s a number of differences which I’m not particularly happy with.


Beware of the size-up problem

Before hitting the Pacific Crest Trail this year I mailed my pair of 4.0 to a friend as I wanted to have a fresh pair of Altras to start the trail with. All they had in REI were the newer 4.5 model so I decided to try them out. Not long after leaving the store, the differences became clear.

The size 8 that I usually buy the previous version in were far too small. I very quickly returned them to the store and tried an 8.5 which still weren’t large enough and switched them out for a UK size 9. These ended up being a little too roomy, but I ended up taking them in the end


Longer laces, shorter tempers

Over the miles on the trail, the shoes broke in a little and were incredibly comfy. But why were the laces so long? And why did I need to keep tightening them? The new lace structure in the shoes is fine, but the extra-long laces had to be triple knotted to keep them out of the way. The previous Lone Peak 4.0 had the perfect lace structure and length.


Longer-lasting build?

Compared to the 4.0 I’d say these were much more durable and I was pleased with the results over the 210 miles I hiked on the PCT. However, after uploading my video review to YouTube, many of my viewers made it clear that the damage shown on the shoes after that mileage was quite poor compared to other trail running shoes on the market.


Who are they for?

The Altra Lone Peak 4.5 are for long-distance hikers who prefer comfort over durability. They’re for those looking to hike on different types of terrain whether the trail is smooth or rough with varying grade. 


Is there anything good to say?

Yes! Problems aside, I’ve always found the Lone Peak to fit very well, for me, the 4.0 better than the 4.5, however some of my viewers claim the opposite and while for me, the upgrade might not have been worth it, for other long-distance hikers it probably would be. The comfort, dry time, weight and grip make these an incredible shoe, I just wish the upgrade didn’t include the need to size up, have long laces and last longer than other trail running shoes on the market.


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  • Durability 20% 20%
  • Comfort 80% 80%
  • Value for money 20% 20%


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Never had a blister in them
  • Excellent grip


  • Had to go a size up than with the 4.0
  • Laces are far too long
  • Don’t last as long as other models
  • Expensive



£120 / From £99 on Amazon


636g (8.32oz)

Drop height





Dual layer EVA + Stoneguard


  • Quick drying
  • Good on stony surfaces
  • Gaiter traps on the front and back
  • Updated lace structure from previous version

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