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Day 7 – On to Lobuche

Written by: Russ

South Downs Way





Elevation gain:


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Day 7 route overview

The 5-mile trek from Dingboche takes you northwest along the Great Himalayan trail and through the land of giants, etching closer to Everest Base Camp and around the Everest Range.


It’s a steady ascent to the Thukla baker just after you cross a stream leading from the great Khumbu Icefall. Once you leave the bakery, it’s a steeper ascent to Lobuche which sits right next to the glacier leading up to Base Camp.

Over the M3

Goodbye Dingboche

Retracing some steps we took the day before, we left Dingboche. As we left I noticed the hotel with the word’s “Hotel – Good Luck” on the roof. A much-welcomed message for the trail which lay ahead.

Over the M3
Over the M3

The land of giants

The valley which lay ahead on the Great Himalayan Trail had huge, towering peaks either side standing taller than anything I’d yet to see on the route. Walking past them, I got a side shot of us walking through the landscape being dwarfed by the snow-capped mountains. Further up the trail riders on horseback caught us up and sped past along the way and as I looked back toward Lobuche, I could see the faint silhouettes of other hikers making their way to the Thukla Bakery for a well-earned break.

My pace was slow, but steady and the views more than made up for the effort.

Over the M3
Over the M3
Over the M3
Over the M3
Over the M3

The Thukla Bakery

Sitting at 4,620m, the Thukla Bakery (which isn’t just a bakery) is a very welcome break after the slow-going walk from Dingboche. It’s also a lodge and a fully kitted out cafe which sits at the foot of the Khumbu Icefall. Stop and take a break here and have one of their hot chocolates, you won’t regret it.

Over the M3
Over the M3

We made it to Lobuche

The way up to Lobuche is steep and you’re right next to the valley gouged out by the Khumbu Icefall, although it’s difficult to see on the way up unless you come right off-trail. Arriving in Lobuche it’s not a surprise that it’s even smaller than Dingboche. But we made it this far and was still able to get a room and a decent meal together before venturing out for an evening stroll to the edge of the glacier for a stunning view leading up to Gorak Shep.

Over the M3
Over the M3



  • Views and vista 80% 80%
  • Difficulty 70% 70%
  • Elevation gain 70% 70%

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End time:


Points of interest

Thukla Bakery

Khumbu Icefall



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